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Resource The Angry Beavers Online, (which is no longer active) interviewed one of the TAB writers - Micah Wright. He was asked about some process details of writing scripts, and the process of working on scripts for "The Angry Beavers" project.

The Angry Beavers Online: How did you get started on doing scripts for The Angry Beavers?
Micah Wright: Started as the script supervisor/writer's assistant... helped writers and facilitated recording process. That's generally the training job for new writers.

TABO: What are your favorite scripts? What is your least favorite? Would you change it?
MW: My favorite script was "Oh, Brother" but I'm not super-thrilled with how it turned out... there was something cut out of the storyboard which I thought was very important to the story. I still think the themes in the piece are important though: I really can't stand watching TV News and seeing people who were adopted talk about their "real parents" - your Real Parents (slash Brothers and Sisters) are the people who raised you and took care of you when you were a kid. Those other people are just accidents of biology.

TABO: Did you ever get a script that you or someone had to change? Which one? Who changed it?
MW: Sure, plenty of them. Keith changed most of the freelancer's scripts.

TABO: If Mitch said to you, "Choose some scripts that you would rewrite." Which ones would you write? What episodes did have to be rewritten or half edited?
MW: Oh, I think I'd just cut "Stump's Family Reunion" and expand the other half of that show. I'd also delete Big Byootox from everyone's memory... I fought and fought and fought against that show but no one would listen to me because they liked the idea of Big Byootox.

TABO: What is the maximum time and minimum time do the writers have to write on the scripts of The Angry Beavers?
MW: Most time I ever took was with "The Omega Beaver" - I did four major rewrites of it before it was finished. Took me about ten weeks. The fastest script I ever wrote was "All in the Colony" which took me about three weeks to write, start to finish.

TABO: Do the actors "ad-lib" lines in the scripts or do they voice some of the lines differently then you would expect it?
MW: Yes. Both Richard and Nick would ad-lib. We would let them deviate from the scripts a lot sometimes.

TABO: How does everyone comes up with the scripts like you?
MW: It's all about input... what you see, what you read, music you hear, movies you watch. "Oh, Brother" was inspired by a news story I saw about two babies who were accidentally switched at birth.

TABO: While recording, if an actor doesn't want to say something, do you fix a line that he/she will say?
MW: That didn't happen a lot... we weren't making evil shows (for the most part), so I don't know of anything that the actors balked at saying.

TABO: How does the actor know when to talk, when not to talk, for ex. a moment of silence?
MW: We write it into the script.

TABO: Did you ever show up in a episode of Angry Beavers or any other shows? Did you ever voice in a show?
MW: Plenty... I'm the snotty guy whose nose is always in the air and my arms crossed over my chest... I don't think the character designer liked me. I'm also on a videogame (Mad Micah) in one episode with the words "Blam Blam" on the side of the cabinet. I think that was a reference to the fact that I used to be in the Army and people thought I loved guns. Oops, someone sneaked in a gun joke!
Interview courtesy of Kelly Leigh

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