This is a section of interviews about animated series "The Angry Beavers", which were collected from various people who worked on the project. Interviews translated into Ukrainian, Russian, and are present in original language on our website. All rights are reserved and belong to it's creators, except translation parts.

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Article from Nickelodeon Magazine of May 1997
Excerpts from the official Nickelodeon Magazine of May 1997, a year then the show The Angry Beavers was premiered.
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Interview with Micah Wright by
Fan-site posted some intresting interview with Micah Wright. TAB producer and creator, so we picked up this interview as well on our site.
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Interview with Micah Wright by The Angry Beavers Online
Fan-site The Angry Beavers Online interviewed one of the TAB writers - Micah Wright. He was asked about some process details of writing scripts, and the process of working on scripts for "The Angry Beavers" project.
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