Episode Guide - Season 1

0. Pilot, Ep 1: Snowed In / Cuffed Together
Snowed In / Cuffed Together

Snowed In / Cuffed Together

Apparently, there are two pilot episode (actually, half-length episodes). The first is "Snowed In", and it deals with Norbert and Daggett trying to pass the time while being snowed in. There are a few differences from the series; Norbert looks a lot like Daggett, and he is voiced by Kevin Meaney. The second is "Cuffed Together", and it deals with Norbert and Daggett being arrested after Daggett starts chewing on an expensive wooden statue, but they manage to escape, although they're handcuffed together. John Requa, Glenn Ficarra, and Micah Wright tell, that they have never heard of "Cuffed Together", and none of them mentioned "Snowed In" either. However, Javier Vera of Chile says he's seen this episode twice, during Nick Latin America's equivalent of "Nicktoons TV" - it's possible that it was animated who-knows-where (the pilot to "As Told by Ginger" was made in Hungary, for example). "Snowed In" episode was originally the first episode but it didn't fit well with the title so Mitch wrote "Born to be Beavers" to be the pilot.

Season 1
1. Season 1, Ep 1: Born To Be Beavers / Up All Night
Born To Be Beavers

Born To Be Beavers:
Kicked out of their dam when their parents have another litter, Norb and Dag strike out on their own. Their search for a new place to live turns into a right struggle because Norbert rejects what their parents taught them and wants to build a new home his way while Daggett is following proper procedure. Will both beavers be able to find a place to call home before nightfall?

Up All Night

Up All Night:
Now living on their own and away from parental control, Norb and Dag realize they can stay up all night if they want. What starts out as a wild good time quickly turns into a journey into the madness of sleep deprivation. However, will they be capable of staying up all night despite the fact that they have never done such before?
Aired: 4/19/1997

2. Season 1, Ep 2: A Dam Too Far / Long In The Teeth
A Dam Too Far

A Dam Too Far:
Seeking to exploit the beaver's natural instinct to build dams when they hear running water, the government parachutes Norbert and Daggett into a flood zone. Soon the brothers find themselves facing Daggett's river, which is a little hesitant, and has a mind of its own and no intention of backing down.

Long In The Teeth

Long In The Teeth:
Beavers' teeth never stop growing and letting them grow long becomes the latest dangerous fashion fad. The boys soon discover there's a price to pay when you live in the fast lane of high fashion. Everyday stuff gets more difficult.
Aired: 4/20/1997

3. Season 1, Ep 3: Gift Hoarse / Go Beavers!
Gift Hoarse

Gift Hoarse:
Envy rears its ugly head when Norb seemingly gets a better Arbor Day present of a killer train set. Dag sets out to sabotage it when all he gets is an air freshener. However, will Daggett remember the true meaning of Arbor Day before he does something he'll regret?

Go Beavers

Go Beavers:
Norbert and Daggett go to a football game to root for their favorite team, The Beavers. When their team starts to take a beating, the boys take action to help them, despite the fact that they don't really have much talent in the game.
Aired: 4/27/1997

4. Season 1, Ep 4: Box Top Beavers / Salmon Sez
Box Top Beavers

Box Top Beavers:
Norbert and Daggett love breakfast cereal prizes, but when Daggett attempts to save 1,000 boxtops to get the ultimate boxtop toy doesn't work out quite well, they decide to take action and take their prize by force; though they soon discover the difficulties of such a task.

Salmon Sez

Salmon Sez:
Spring is in the air, and so are thousands of spawning salmon. Norb and Dag have unwittingly built their dam right in the middle of a salmon migratory path. It's the irresistible force of nature vs. the beavers, and with time against them, they must do everything in their power to prevent their dam from being destroyed.
Aired: 9/13/1997

5. Season 1, Ep 5: Beach Beavers A Go-Go / Deranged Ranger
Beach Beavers A Go-Go

Beach Beavers A Go-Go:
Facing another long winter hibernating in their dam, Norb and Dag decide to 'Go South'. It's all sun and fun, but eventually the boys find out there are good reasons why beavers don't migrate for winter.

Deranged Ranger

Deranged Ranger:
When a twist of fate puts the boys in the control of their wilderness as temporary rangers, the power goes to Daggett's head. In no time the park is a disaster area with the Beavers at the center of it all.
Aired: 9/20/1997

6. Season 1, Ep 6: Muscular Beaver / Fish And Dips
Muscular Beaver

Muscular Beaver:
Most people can tell the difference between fantasy and reality, but not Daggett. So when Daggett's super hero fantasy life gets too embarrassing, Norb is forced to become a super villain to break him out of it.

Fish And Dips

Fish And Dips:
The ancient legend from the grey mists of earliest time tells of a scaly terror called 'Old Gramps', a fish so large he can swallow a Swede. When Dag runs smack into Old Gramps, the time has come to find out the truth.
Aired: 9/27/1997

7. Season 1, Ep 7: Enter The Daggett / Bug-A-Boo
Enter The Daggett

Enter The Daggett:
Daggett's tired of being 'a creature whose only natural defense is to hide in his dam'. Despite his natural ineptness, and Norb's best efforts to dissuade him, Dag pursues the Martial Arts.


A cricket finds its way into the dam. Its constant chirping annoys Norb, but Dag turns out to have a cricket phobia. Norb must get rid of the elusive bug before Dag goes completely over the edge.
Aired: 10/4/1997

8. Season 1, Ep 8: Mission To The Big, Hot, Thingy / I Dare You
Mission To The Big, Hot, Thingy

Mission To The Big, Hot, Thingy:
The beavers are launched into space to see if they can build a dam in zero gravity. Once their scientific usefulness is over, they find themselves abandoned in space. The beavers must put aside their differences and band together to avert their almost certain doom.

I Dare You

I Dare You:
When Norb teases Dag because he's afraid to climb a tall tree, Daggett gets mad and dares Norb to do something more dangerous. Things get quickly out of hand, but neither brother can admit his fear and back down from the other's challenges
Aired: 10/11/1997

9. Season 1, Ep 9: Stinky Toe / House Broken
Stinky Toe

Stinky Toe:
When Norb comes down with dreaded beaver disease, Stinky Toe, Daggett will stop at nothing to find a cure, but will he be able to find a cure despite the fact that no scientist before him has ever figured it out?

House Broken

House Broken:
Tired of struggling to survive as wild animals, the beavers decide to become pets. They discover the easy life's not what It's cracked up to be when they get adopted by a family so wholesome and normal it drives then nuts.
Aired: 10/18/1997

10. Season 1, Ep 10: Fancy Prance / H2Whoa!
Fancy Prance

Fancy Prance:
Daggett gets Norb to pursue his lifelong dream, of becoming a Lipizzaner stallion, the famous Austrian prancing show horses. With Dag's help, Norb discovers the ups and downs of going for the impossible dream.


Norbert and Daggett find a water based theme park when it's closed and they decide to enjoy themselves while they are there.
Aired: 10/25/1997

11. Season 1, Ep 11: The Bing That Wouldn't Leave / You Promised!
The Bing That Wouldn't Leave

The Bing That Wouldn't Leave:
Daggett and Norbert find themselves stuck with Bing, a motor-mouthed, incredibly clingy little lizard who just won't shut up, and just won't go away! The Beavers do everything in their power to ditch Bing before his yammering drives them up the wall.

You Promised!

You Promised!:
In order to get the last piece of Lickety-Split candy in the house, Norbert promises Daggett than one year later, he'll do whatever Dagg says for a day. Unfortunately for Norb, Daggett remembers; and if Norb reneges on his promise, he'll have to move to the highest mountains and wear an itchy sweater for the rest of his life!
Aired: 11/1/1997

12. Season 1, Ep 12: Bummer Of Love / Food Of The Clods
Bummer Of Love

Bummer Of Love:
Norb and Dag awaken to find their dam converted into the stage for a huge outdoor rock festival--and they don't have tickets.

Food Of The Clods

Food Of The Clods:
Dag attempts to give his brother a wake-up call when spicy midnight snacks and bad horror movies cause Norb to sleepwalk.
Aired: 11/8/1997

13. Season 1, Ep 13: Trees Company / Guess Who's Stumping To Dinner?
Trees Company

Trees Company:
Norb decides he needs some time alone to work on his new model. Dag, feeling spurned, decides to show Norb he doesn't need him and moves out into his new Rockin' Bachelor Tree Dam.

Guess Who's Stumping To Dinner?

Guess Who's Stumping To Dinner?:
Norb befriends Stump, an actual tree stump that the boys chewed down. Despite Dag's jealousy, Norb realizes he hasn't lost a brother but gained a friend.
Aired: 11/15/1997

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